General grants are for supporting communities experiencing inequity, exclusion, and disadvantage in the Wellington region to thrive. Our focus with general granting is on the benefits to communities (the outcome), not on the particular type of initiative or project.

Applications should meet at least one of these criteria:

  • Increase community self-determination, e.g.
    • The organisation is led by people in the communities it serves e.g. 51% or more of the staff and trustees reflect the community being represented
    • The work builds upon community strength
    • The work advances community aspirations
  • Meet immediate community need, e.g.
    • The work actively improves the lives of the people in the communities it serves
    • There is evidence to support community need for the work
    • The work ‘balances the scales’ and supports equity between those who have enough and those who don’t
  • Increase access and inclusion for those who experience disadvantage and exclusion, e.g.
    • The work increases participation for those who experience barriers to inclusion
    • The work increases peoples’ sense of belonging in their communities
    • The work addresses the systemic causes of disadvantage and exclusion such as racism, colonisation, ableism, homophobia, sexism, etc.
  • Increase preservation and protection of natural spaces, e.g.
    • The work addresses local or regional environmental issues
    • The work supports the connection between environmental wellbeing and community wellbeing
  • Applications must primarily benefit the Wellington region
  • You must be an organisation with charitable purpose. Usually this means you have charitable trust or incorporated society status. If you don’t have either of these statuses then you may be able to use an organisation that is registered, to act as your fund holder – read more about fund holding here (if you do not yet have charitable status, or are unsure of your status – please call us to discuss)
  • Certain types of organisations are excluded – read more here

Up to $20,000 for a quicker decision (expect a decision within several weeks)

Up to $50,000* for more strategic grants (expect a decision within several months). *We will accept applications for more than $50,000 if an initiative strongly aligns with the criteria and our vision. Please speak to us first.