If you are a grant-seeking organisation that isn’t registered as a charitable trust or incorporated society, you may be able to apply for funding from WCF by using a fund holder.

What is a fund holder / fundholding?

Fundholding, also known as fiscal sponsorship or umbrella-ing, is when an existing organisation (the fund holder) receives and then pays you the grant money for your project.

Why is fundholding needed?

Financial auditors need to have evidence that funding is being used as intended, and that evidence is found in the financial accounts that are a legal obligation for any registered charity or incorporated society. A fundholding arrangement removes the need for the grant-seeking organisation to seek charitable status, incorporate, or report to the IRD or Charities Services.

Responsibilities of the fund holder

  • Legal and financial management: The fund holder is responsible for legal compliance and financial management, including holding and disbursing funds
  • Charitable status: The fund holder must be a registered charity or an incorporated society. For He Rau Aroha applications, the fund holder must be Māori-led with at least 51% Māori governance and project delivery
  • Registration/administration: Fund holders must be registered in WCF’s grants portal (Fluxx). Other than registration, fund holders do not have to handle other administrative tasks for WCF.
  • Fund holding agreement: Sign the fund-holding agreement
  • Proof of bank account: Supply a deposit slip (or other proof) of their bank account

Responsibilities of the grant-seeking organisation

  • High trust relationship: Ensure a high trust relationship with the fund holder and demonstrate trustworthiness
  • Financial documentation: Provide your latest financials and, if applicable, the most recent profit and loss statements
  • Fund holding agreement: Sign the fund-holding agreement (click here for template), share with the fund holder to sign, then attach to application form once signed by both parties
  • Outcome reporting: The grant-seeking organisation is responsible for reporting on the project’s outcomes, not the fund holder


  • Are there fund holder fees? Yes, some fund holders may charge a management fee ranging from 0% to 12%
  • What if a fund holder also wants to apply for their own funding? Fund holders can apply for funds on behalf of multiple organisations, without affecting their eligibility to apply for their own grant
  • What is the GST liability? Our grants don’t attract GST, however, fund holders should check with their accountants regarding GST liability
  • What if we don’t have an organisation who can be our fund holder? The Gift Collective is an organisation that acts as a fund holder to many organisations. Find out more here