Apply for funding through our grants portal (Fluxx)

Before you apply, you will need to register a profile for yourself in our grants portal (Fluxx). The grants portal is where information about you and your organisation(s), applications, and reports, are saved.

  • Never use or share someone else’s profile/login, for security reasons

How Fluxx profiles work

Individuals must create personal profiles not organisational profiles. There is no global login/profile for an organisation.

Multiple profiles (people) can be connected to an organisation; this means:

  • Multiple people in one organisation can collaborate on/access applications/grants/reports
  • People can easily be connected/disconnected to an organisation when they are joining or leaving that organisation
  • One person can also be connected to multiple organisations

Still have some questions? Read our FAQs about Fluxx profiles / logins, and if you’re still unsure, get in touch with us.