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Fluxx FAQs

I’ve registered but haven’t received an email after 2 working days?
  • Check your junk mail folders first as sometimes the registration email can end up there.
  • Contact us with your name and our administrator will check if all details have been filled in correctly. A misspelled email address will result in no email being sent.
My login isn’t working?
  • Check you have registered with our new system (Fluxx). If so, you should have received an email containing your username and password. NB: If you applied online with us prior to April 2018 you will have used our old system, and you cannot use the login details from that. You must register with Fluxx.
  • Remember to use your username which is always the format [firstname_lastname] NOT your email address.
I’ve forgotten my password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, there is a password reset function on the login page. This will trigger an email which will contain a link to a new page where you can reset your password.

I can’t see my outcome report form?
  • These are located in the ‘Reports Due’ section in your Fluxx profile.
  • Please contact us with your name and organisation to let us know if you can’t see a report you’re expecting to see
I can’t submit my application form – I get an error message?

The most common reason for this is where there are missing required documents. Please ensure you have uploaded all the required documents alongside the listed document name e.g. Next to ‘Latest Financials’ you will see a small + icon; click on this and use the upload function here to upload your latest financials document.

I want to remove/delete someone who is no longer in the organisation

Send us an email with the name of the person and the organisation, and we will disconnect them so they no longer have access to the organisation’s records.