As we’ve evolved our funding – especially with the launch of our updated strategy in 2021 – it was clear that our logo and name weren’t aligned with where we are today as a funder.


The WCT name and logo design was created decades ago. The logo was visually not meeting current modern design standards; and the name was not quite fit for purpose for a few reasons – which were backed up by research we undertook with some of our community and iwi partners:

  • The word ‘Trust’ isn’t widely understood and can cause confusion about who we are, what we do, and where our money comes from.
  • There has also been longstanding confusion between WCT and New Zealand Community Trust (a separate organisation which operates in a completely different way)

These key take outs from our research informed our decision to change our name to Wellington Community Fund. The words fund/funding/funder were consistently referenced when we asked our community partners to describe us; and therefore ‘fund’ seemed like the best word to describe us.

In addition to this name change, we have also introduced a bi-line: Te Upoko o Te Ika – the Māori name for the Wellington region. This helps to reinforce the fact our funding is for the wider Wellington region.


Our new logo represents the ebb and flow of tides giving life to all communities of Te Upoko o te Ika