In March last year, WCF announced some changes to our funding to manage a smaller available grants budget. Despite these measures, we have not quite made it to the end of our financial year (March 31) and have granted 100% of our general grants budget (pending decisions at our board meeting in February). This means that for any applications submitted between now and March 31, no grants decisions will be made until April/May.

For this reason we are asking any organisations planning to apply for a general grant to wait until April.

Can I still submit my application now?

Technically you still can submit your application, our application portal will not be closed. However, no grants decisions will be made until April/May. You may also want to consider that you will have potentially different circumstances (which may impact your application), by April.

Will my organisation still be eligible in the new financial year?

We won’t be making changes to our eligibility criteria, however we continue to have a strong focus on our priority populations and locations. If you’re not actively serving our priority communities/locations, your chances of being funded are low.