Please note: LIFT grants are currently closed

I’m an individual, between jobs, interested in applying. Am I eligible?

Sorry, no.  As an individual applying you need to be currently employed with a not for profit organisation that is supportive of you applying.

I run my own small business, can I apply?

Unless your business is set up as a registered charity or an incorporated society you cannot apply.

Can I apply twice in the same year?

If you are successful you cannot apply again within in a 12-month period.  You can apply again the following year, but keep in mind we want to support as many individuals as possible so you might not be successful in future years.

Can any staff member apply?

Anyone employed on a contract or permanent basis, including: new employees, a subcommittee or unpaid volunteers, can apply.

Could I enrol in a 3-year course and then reapply for funds towards it the next 2 years?

Yes but there would be no guarantee of funding for those next years.

What are some examples of what a LIFT Grant be used for?
  • External supervision
  • Backfilling for an employee who’s on a secondment that will enhance their capability in their substantive role
  • Policies and procedures audit and/or development
  • An organisational plan to support the wellness and mental health of staff
  • A strategic planning day
  • Te Reo lessons for a staff team
  • A staff hui (if including staff from outside the Wellington region this will be considered if it is principally benefiting the people within the Wellington Region).
  • A workforce development plan
  • Going on a training course
  • Travel to and attendance at a conference
  • Travel to elsewhere in New Zealand or overseas to look at a programme or organisation doing similar work to yours.

*Please note this is not an exhaustive list.

What are some examples of what a LIFT Grant cannot be used for?
  • individual consultants, contractors, or education/training businesses
  • backfilling a staff member who is undertaking professional development
  • professional mediation or conflict resolution within an organisation
  • organisations to put on conferences in other parts of New Zealand
Can my organisation apply in the same Individual LIFT application for more than one thing/person?

Yes – Please indicate in the application (and budget) the various capability-activities you would like to apply for. In most cases the total amount of request should not go above $10,000

I want to apply to put on a conference for my sector and also to send my staff members or volunteers to the same conference, can I do that?

No. You may use a LIFT grant to provide professional development either for your sector or for your organisation

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