After announcing the recipients of our Climate Action Fund grants; we’ve put together some more detail on what each of the groups will be doing with the funding. As these are all projects spanning across multiple years, we will be following their progress and look forward to sharing the updates and outcomes as they develop.

The fund was established to support climate action groups for local initiatives that move the Wellington region towards carbon neutrality; and each of these projects funded plays a significant role in carbon reduction in the Wellington region.

ActionStation | Community-led climate action advocacy

ActionStation uses organising tactics, collaborative campaigning, story based research, and strategic interventions to make change, and support others to make change. Their work shifts public thinking, drives the media agenda, and influences political decisions which are better for people and the planet.

Bikes for Everyone | Increasing access to bikes in Eastern Porirua

Three separate but closely connected projects, that will enhance each other when implemented together, will give more people access and opportunities to ride a bike for transport – replacing car trips. The projects are: 1) Increasing the capacity and delivery of existing bike libraries; 2) Supporting the creation of a new bike library in Porirua East; 3) Creating a mobile bike mechanic service for free bike repair and maintenance.

Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park | Wetlands restoration, peat re-wetting, and tree planting

Six interconnected initiatives will help to: stop significant carbon emissions from the peatlands, sequester (capture) carbon dioxide in created wetlands and plantings, improve water quality, support biodiversity gains, and provide drought & storm-damage resilience. The projects are: 1) Ngā Uruora enrichment species planting; 2) Ngā Uruora pioneer plantings; 3) Waikakariki wetland restoration; 4) Whareroa Farm Reserve Wetland planting; 5) Queen Elizabeth Park wetland restoration; 6) Local landowners riparian planting

Generation Zero | Community-led climate action advocacy

Generation Zero advocates, on behalf of youth, for climate justice and a liveable future for everyone – often working closely with other advocacy groups to amplify the voices of young people and empower them to engage in decision making. Their work is mostly based in urban development on issues such as public transport and affordable housing, benefiting parts of society currently disadvantaged by severe inequities; trying to drive decision-making towards outcomes that are better for the planet e.g., lower carbon emissions.

Mountains to Sea Wellington Trust | Experimental seaweed reforestation

Like a forest on land – seaweeds utilise carbon for photosynthesis and growth, which means seaweed forests sequester (capture) carbon – therefore removing it from the atmosphere. This is an experimental project as the amount of carbon sequestered (captured) through different New Zealand seaweed species is currently unknown. Measuring uptake will form part of the knowledge development over the next few years as these seaweed forests are established.

Sustainability Trust | Mission-based low-carbon electricity retailer

A new mission-based electricity retailer for Wellington that supports vulnerable whānau and households in a just-transition to a low-carbon future. A 3-year build to full capacity and ongoing service provision for Wellington households.