Since announcing WCT’s soon-to-launch Climate Action Fund, we’ve had many of you asking for more information. Here are the key things to note:


The Climate Action Fund will be a spend-down fund of 2 million dollars. Its purpose is to support community-led movements that tackle climate change. It is open to organisations that can deliver measurable outcomes around reduced carbon emissions, carbon sequestration, and community and ecological resilience in the greater Wellington region.


We believe the greatest potential to move the Wellington region to carbon neutrality will come from:

  • Investment in Advocacy: Challenging and changing existing policies, powers structures, and behaviours
  • Building community resilience, and building ecological resilience


Applications must be able to show that the work contributes to at least one of the following outcomes:  

  • Measurable decrease in atmospheric carbon emissions
  • Measurable increase in carbon sequestration 
  • Measurable increase in community resilience 
  • Measurable increase in ecological resilience 

Single organisations or coalitions may apply to this fund, with at least one organisation having a charitable purpose.


7 Oct: Expression of Interest opens

2 Nov: Expression of Interest closes

Full application timings TBC