About 80 people representing community groups from all over the Wellington region attended the Wellington Community Trust’s Annual Public Meeting at Old St Paul’s.

They came together to hear about the Wellington Community Trust’s (WCT) activities in the 2014/15 financial year and learn more about their plans for the coming year.

Hosted at Old St. Pauls, where renovations have been completed with assistance from WCT, there was a warm and friendly atmosphere that offered a great opportunity for networking.

Jan Dowland, the Chair of the Trust reported that more than 100 organisations had received funding in the last year, a 10% increase on the previous year. She also noted that the organisations that receive funding continue to become more diverse is size, reach and interest.

Jan Dowland

Jan Dowland

She announced that the funding available in the coming year is able to be increased, and that the Trust is planning a new new initiative aimed at organisations that make a positive impact in the region by supporting social needs. She noted, “Emerging research suggests a more pro-active and targeted approach to grant-making is required to make an impact when addressing complex social problems, and we are developing ways to address this through our granting programme.”

Representatives from more than 30 community groups attended the AGM.

The AGM also offered an opportunity for attendees to mingle and meet the staff of WCT.

With formalities concluded, the Orpheus Choir, also a recipient of WCT funding, provided some delightful entertainment. Singers from their Choral Scholars Programme accompanied by the choir’s director, Brent Stewart, performed well-known arias and songs.

The Orpheus Choir's Choral Scholars performed at the event hosted by Old St Pauls.

Left and centre: Singers Pascale Orchard and Katherine McIndoe were accompanied by the Orpheus Choir’s Director, Brent Stewart. Right: Manager of Old St Pauls, Silke Biede with Brendan Veale from Heritage New Zealand.